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••• - .;■ . . .. • • : .V. ■ 

Methuen High School 


etas* of 100t 





M.H.S. 1 

Tfable of Contents 

Photographs and Memories 







Senior Color Section 




Fall Sports 


Winter Sports 


Spring Sports 


Seniors Through the Year 


Clubs & Organizations 


More Senior Photos 


Personal & Business Ads 


2 M.H.S. 


A Special Angel 
Claire Marie Krupica 

"To everything there is a season. There is an appointed 

time for everything, and a time for every affair under the 

Heavens. A time to he horn and a time to die, a time to plant 

and a time to uproot the plant, a time to weep and a time to 

laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance. To everything 

there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven. " 

M.H.S. 3 


Mrs. Ellen Parker 

Ms. Jane Obshatkin 
Vice Principal 



Mr. A. Steven Francis 
Assistant Principal 

Mr. Daniel O'Connell 
Assistant Principal 

4 M.H.S. 

M.H.S. Faculty 

Lisa Alaimo 

Gary Banks 

Cyndy Bates 

A V 

Karen Bergeron 

John Blume 

Pat Borucki 

Richard Brain 

Dean Brouder 

Lynne Cheney 

Mary Coleman-Kennedy Marie Comeau 

Patricia Comeau 

Faculty 5 

Laurel Cortellino 

Patricia Cote 

Elaine Crane 

William Cullen 

Richard Czarnec 

Diane Dandreta Mickey DeFrancesco Linda Depelteau 

Ann Marie DesRoches 

Anita DiCroce 

Henry Dilts 

Gary Dionne 

Jackie Dirsa 

Marilyn Dufton 

Pauline Duhamel 

Anne Eckman 

6 Faculty 

Jay Faro 

Paul Fiorentini 

Linda Friel 

Roger Fuller 

Matt Gaffney 

Joyce Gagnon 

Joanne Gallagher 

Glenn Gearin 

Helen Gerrior 

Helen Gorman 

Kathy Greene 

Frank Gurczak 

Douglas Hallbauer 

Sharon Hamer 

% t\ Si Sf 



Joseph Harb 

Faculty 7 

James Healey 

Daniel Herlihy 

Tom Hey 

Judy Hitler 

Judy Keating 

Edward Kelley 

Sonya Kelley Lt. Col. Jeffrey Kimball 

Kimberly Kent 

Kenneth Kramer Anne Marie Krusell Richard LaCroix 

8 Faculty 

Gloria Lamphier Dr. Gary Lane Jason LaPointe Phil Lazarro 

Roger Lenfest 

Nancy Lincoln 

Patricia Lohnes 

Neil Lynch 

Jean Matthes 

Michael McCormick Susan McGrath 

Dorothy Mcintosh 

Karen McLaughlin Maria McLaughlin Janet McLellan Tracy McNichols 

Faculty 9 

Colleen Meaney 

Jim Mellor 

Fran Molesso 

John Moore 


Kathleen Moran 

Margaret Moynihan 

Mary Nolin 

Kim Oliveira 

Mario Pagnoni 

Christine Pellerin 

Kevin Pezanowski 

Ann Marie Pinet 

Mark Preston 

Eva Rajczyk 

Tracey Ramshaw 

r k 
Charles Raras 

10 Faculty 


Joseph Robillard 

Ronni Ruhmshottel 

Peter Salemi 

Margaret Samaha 

Tony Sanderson 

Rita Sanguedolce 

Betty Sarao 

Frank Savory 

Carol Scalera 

Donald Sestini 

Dr. Jill Shackford 

David Shaheen James Shamberger Ellen Sicard 

Faculty 1 1 

■••-:-. v>;T ■•■:»' *" '» ■■ 

Paula Simone 

Helene Sinatra 

Donald Smith 

Jason Smith 

^ v 
Jennifer Smith Suzanne Spiller 

Jason Stamp 

John Stewart 

Steven Sudol 

Frank Sullivan 

Martha Tatro 

Beverly Taylor 

Meredith Tebbitts Kevin Thompson 

Elizabeth Trach 

Gail Twomey 

12 Faculty 

Brian Urquhart Kathy VanHorn 

Elaine Ventura 

Susan Wagner 

Gail Watts 

)=- ) 

Faculty 13 

14 M.H.S. 

M.H.S. 15 

16 M.H.S 

Edward A. Abbott 

Activities: Soccer, Basketball 

Christine J. Adamson 

Christopher David Alexander 

Kristen Marie Allbee 


Activities: Figure Skating, Dirty 

Hands Inc., Marching Band, and 

Concert Band 

Gjna Marie Armano 


Amanda Rose Arsenault 

"Don't be dismayed by goodbyes. A 

fare-well is necessary before you 

can meet again. And meeting again, 

after moments or life-times, is 

certain for those who are friends." 

Activities: Varsity Gymnastics 

liver Aziz Ata 


Activities Football (1-3, Co-Capt. 4 

Tennis (1,2), Wrestling (1) 

Nicole Marie Baldera 

Laura Katherine Barbagallo 

Activities: Field Hockey (2,3, Capt 
4), Gymnastics (1-3), Track and 
Field (1-3) ( 

Melanie Bard 

Sarah Elizabeth Berube 

Jodie Anne Binette 


"No love, no friendship can cross the 

path of our destiny without leaving 

some mark on it forever." 

Andrea Marie Blackington 


Activities: Ski Team, Marching 

Band, Concert Band, Gay Straight 


Kara Ann Bean 


Activities: Swimming, Softball 

Brandon Paul Blanchet 
Activities: Volleyball, Basketball 



Seniors 19 

M^Wr**** 1 

Rachel M. Burriss 

Melanie June Bushnell 

Activities: Field Hockey (3-4), Indoor 

Track (1-3, Capt. 4), Outdoor Track 


Katie Marie Caracc 

Sean William Carey 

"Don't hate the player, hate the 


Activities: Basketball 

Heather D. Casey 

Activities: National Honor Society 

(2-4), Spanish Honor Society (3,4), 

International Club (2-4) 

20 Seniors 

Evan Joseph Chaisson 

"Mr. Chaisson" 
"Why \to|ste your time when I can 

waste mine." 
Activities: Class V. P. (1-4), Peer 
Leader, Peer Mediator, DARE Role 

Model, GLEC, 

Senior Olympics, International Day 

PAC, Football (1-4), Track (1-3), 

Baseball (1,2) 

Erin Christine Conlon 

;tivities: National Honor Society, 

Carine M. Corsaro 

Jeffrey Alexander Costa 

Ambition: Keeping Portuguese pride 


Activities: Captain Varsity Soccer 

(#5) Captain Varsity Volleyball 


Sarah Elizabeth Cowdrey 

■' W> ' 

Ericka Lee Crabtree 

Ambition: To become a successful 

cosmetologist and massage 

therapist and own my own company. 

Activities: Swimming and Diving 


Jacqueline Marie Croteau 


Activities: Figure Skating (1-3, Co- 

Capt 4) National Honor Society (3,4) 

Isaac Cuevas 

"Big Daddy" 

"La Cosa Nostra" 

Caitlin Culhane 

Jared Joseph D'Agata 

Matthew John Daigle 

Ambition: Business Managemment 

or Computer Science 

Activities: Varsity Ski Team 

Regina Marie Dall 

Laurie May Daneau 

Activities: National Honor Societ) 

National Art Honor Society, Spam 

Honor Society, Yearbook Staff 

Michael G. DeCoteau 

Jamie Lynne DeGaspe 

Activities: Marching Band, Concert 

Band, Indoor Track (1 ,2, 4), 

Softball (1) 

Pamela Lynn DeGregorio 

Michael H. Delaney 

22 Ser 

Robert Patrick DelDuca 


itivities: Baseball (1-4), Basketball 

Anthony Robert DeLuca 

Mark Delmonte 

Amanda Lynn Dennis 

April Sue Donlon 

Erin Marie Donovan 


Daniel Dennis Dube 


"Thanks dad and mom for the 

support these past four year. Missy 

I love you. 

Thank you for the past 2 years. Tom 

for being there the past 4 years. CM, 

CG, ED, JD, and Mr. Salemi. 

Desiree Marie Dumais 




Seniors 23 

William Patrick Forbes, Jr. 


Cross Country (1-3,Capt.4), Indoor 

Track (1-£), Baseball (1,2 Capt. 3,4) 

National Honor Society (2-4), 

Spanish Honor Society (3,4) 

Stacie Beth Fouquart 

"Live by your wits and dance by the 

light of the moon. Anyone who has 

a problem with you just doesn't 


Jeffrey Dennis Fragala 

Derek Nelson Fraser 

Activities: Skiing (1-4), Theatre (1- 
GajTstraight Alliance (1-4) 

24 Seniors 

Leanne Marie Gaccione 

Ashley Marie Gadomski 

Jonathan J. Gagnon 

Kaitlin Patricia Gallo 

Activities: National Honor Society 
(2,3, Pres. 4J, Student Council (1 , 
Tres.2-4), Art Honor Society (2-4), 

Spanish Honor Society (4), Peer Leader 
(2&4), Basketball (1-3, Capt.4), 

Soccer (1-4), Track(1-3, Asst. Capt. 4) 

Tracy Jean Gaudet 

"Spaz", "Chelly" 
'I would just like to say that I am 
multitalented." (Mary Catherine 

Activities: Swimming, Drama 

Brandon W. Geisler 

Andrew J. Gilmore 


Ambition: To succeed in business. 

Activities: Playing the drum. 

Jennifer Lee Giorato 

"Jenny G" 

"I miss you Claire." 

Ambition: To be an actress 

Activities: ASL, Drama, Martial Arts 

Nicole Marie Graves 

"Booty Squad 2000" 

Amanda Joy Greenwood 

Chad M. Grenier 


Mark William Griffin 




Seniors 25 

Sean C. Griffin 

Activities: Indoor Soccer 

Jose L. Guerrero 

Jeffery Grant Haml 

Activities: National Honor Society, 
Baseball (1,2, Co-Capt. 3, Capt. 4) 

Golf (1-4) 

Khara J. Hatch 

''Hatch", "Hatchie" 
"Houston we have a problem here, 
[hat's a negative." 

Sheri Lyn Guilmette 


Ambition: To accomplish many 

goals I have for myself. My biggest 

goal is Nursing. 

Activities: Milli-Vanilli, 

"Booty Squad 2000" 

Stephen James Habil 


"You're nervous'J 

Activities: Soccer (1-3, Capt. 4), 

Baseball (1-4), Track (2-4) 

Hilarie Marie Hauswirth 

"Hilsarie" "Hil" 

"Live your life the way that you want 

to, not the way someone tells you 

that you should." 

Activities: Softball (1-4), Volleyball 

(2,3), Cross Country (4), Gay 

Straight Alliance 

Michelle Lynn Higginbottom 

Kristyn Gayle Hobbs 


Ambition: To be a famous interior designer and 

spend other people's money making their 

houses beautify! 

Activities: School Play (1,2), Drama Club (1,2), 

Student Council (1,2), Figure Skating (1-4), 

Outdoor Track (1-2) 

Robert V. Holden, Jr. 

Rukayat Tina Ibraheem 

"Never believe' it when people say you 

can't achieve your goal because you can 

do whatever you want to do." 

Activities: National Honor Society, 

Basketball (1), Indoor Track (2-4), 

Outdoor Track (1-4), Field Hockey (1-4) 

Kathryn Brown Ireson 


'Two roads diverged in a wood and I 

took the one less traveled by, and 

that has made all the difference." 

(Robert Frost) 

Activities: Theatre Arts 

John V. Jabour 

John Russell Jackson, Jr. 

Jennifer Lee Jones 

Anna Maria Kambourakis 

Activities: Student Council Presi- 
dent, Editor of the Lyceum, Gay/ 
Straight Alliance, Different Colors 

Club, International Club, 
National Honor Society, Spanish 
Honor Society, Art Honor Society 

Anna Kang 

Megan Elizabeth Keleher 



Seniors 27 

Michael Patrick Keleher 

Min Jeng Kim 

"Mini Min" 

"Hold on to dreams, for if dreams 

die, life is a broken winged bird that 

cannot fly," 
Activities: Skating (1-4), Tennis (3,4) 

Michael C. Krasinski 

Amy Lynn LaPointe 

"Buffy", "Aimalee" 
Activities: Student Council, GLEC 


Deanna Joy Levesque Amanda Jean Lombari 

"Dee" "Never frown. You never know 

"Always reach for the moon because who's falling in love with your smile, 

if you miss at least you will be Activities: Music Honor Society (2- 

among the stars." 4), Marching Band (1-4), Concert 

Activities: Art Honor Society, GLEC Band (1-4), Jazz Band (4), Year- 
book Staff 

Ryan James Madden 

Lindsay Marie Malenfant 

Eric John Marcello 

Graeme William Marcoux 

"Think of your image as a school 
paper. Don't plagiarize it. Write it 

Activities: Soccer, Skiing, Volleyball 

Stephen Michael Marquis 

Activities: Baseball, Basketball 

Kevin J. McCarthy 

Activities: Hockey (1-3, Capt.4) 
^ Baseball (1,2) 

Stefanie Lynn Michaud 

Seniors 29 

Hoang Xuan Nguyen 

Suong Minh Nguyen 


Ambition: To become a physical 


Activities: National Honor Society, 

Italian Honor Society, Asian Club, 

International Club, GLEC, Tennis, 


Jeffrey Maurice Nicholson 

Activities: Basketball (1-4), 
Volleyball (1-4), Golf (1-4) 

Meghan Nikonchuk 

"The moment may be temporary, b 
the memory is forever." 
Activities: National Honor Society 
(3-4), Softball (1-2), Yearbook (4 

Aaron P. Noonan 
5rab life by the hips and NEVER 
let go. Take control without 
L hesitation." 
Vctivitifie: JROTC, Wrestling (2) 

Heather Louise Norcross 

"He who laughs, lasts" 

Mary Pettibone Poole 

Activities: Band, Ski Team, Music 

Honor Society, Peer Leadership 

Paul Thomas Oliveri 

Amy Eileen Osgood 


Activities: National Honor Society, 

Art Honor Society, French Honor 

Society, International Club 

Danielle Lauren Parisi 

Ambition: To become a 


Activities: Figure Skating (2-3), 

Field Hockey (1) 

Ankit Patel 

Ida Meredith Patterson 

"Stop searching forever, 
happiness is just next to you." 
National Art Honor Society (2-4), 
French Honor Society (3), Swim- 
ming (1-4) 

Adam Thomas Pellerin 

"Atom Bomb" 
Activities: Football, Wrestling 

Nathan M. Persichetti 

Nicole Jean Pienta 

Jessica Pina 

Julie-Anne Plouffe 
"The future belongs to those who believe 

in their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt 

Activities: National Honor Society (2,3.4). 

Class Secretary (1-4), Soccer (1-4). 

Basketball (1-4), Tra<*(1-4) 

Seniors 31 


Joseph Vincent Pulvirenti 

Lisa Marie Quigley 

Erin A. Quinlan 

Ambition: To become a successful 
psychologist and to be happy! 
Activities: Music Honor Society 
(3,4), Tennis (3,4), Band (1-4), 
Track (1,2), Figure Skating (3,4) 

Adam Joseph Ramey i 

Ambition: To be a politician! 

Activities: Student Council (V. 

Pres.), Band, Jazz Band, Tennis 

Boys' State 

Ryan Patrick Randall 

Thomas Joseph Randall, Jr. 

Sharyn E. Reddish 

Nicholas D. Ricci, Jr. 

"Tony Hawk" 

"The best there is, the best there 

was, the best there ever will be.' 

Activities: Soccer (4), Ski Team (2 

Amy L. Roberts 

Guadalupe Rodriguez 


"Love is."-Anon 

Activities: Drama Club, Peer 

Mediators/Leaders, Indoor/Outdoor 

Track (4), Peer Read Along 

Maria S. Rodriguez/Lebron 

Jeffrey R. Rousseau 

Nicole Erin Ruizdeluzuriaga 

"Life is never fair. And perhaps 

it is a good thing for most of us it is 

not." Oscar Wilde 

Activities: Art Honor Society 

(President), Peer Mediator 

Rebecca Santiago 

Cristina T. Sanza 

"Forget regret, or life is yours to 

miss. "-Rent 

Activities: Theatre, TV Production, 

Italian Honor Society 

Mark Dana Seaverns 

Victor J. Rodriguez 

Jocelyn Santiago 

Jason Matthew Skea 

Brandon J. Smith 

Activities: Wrestling, JROTC 

Leigh-Ann Marie Snow 

Esther So 

"Esta, Esbestos" 
Activities: Art Honor Society (3,4 
Yearbook Staff (4), Asian Club (1 
International Club (1,2) 

Mark Henry Stephens 

Anne Midori Sturgis 

Lauren Patricia Suarez 

Activities: Soccer (1-4), Winter 

Track (2,3), National Honor Society 

(2,3), Spanish Honor Society (2,4), 

International Club (1-4) 

Craig Donald Sullivan 

Actr^ties: Track, Basketball 



Paul A. Sullivan 

Tracy Lynn Tabacco 


"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he 

has the courage to lose sight of shore." 

Activities: National Honor Society (2-4). 

Spanish Honor Society (4), International 

Club (1,2), Field Hockey (1-4), Indoor/ 

Outdoor Track (1-4) 

Rebecca A. Tatarczuk 

"Becky", 'Tatar-chuck" 

Activities: Skating (3,4), Blue & 

White (1-3), Field Hockey (1,2), 

Spring Track (1,2), School Musical 


Michael James Therrien 

Ambition: To be CEO and President 
of a world wide multi-national 


Activities: Lyceum, Art Honor 


mily Anne Toabe 


take life to seriously. You'l 

eB get out alive." Bugs Bunny 

Vctivities: Marching Band (1-4), 

Micert Band (1-4), Jazz Band (1- 

4), Art Honor Society 

Erica A. Tribandis 

Yanelfi Karina Urena 

Jason A. Vaccaro 

Jason Mark Waldron 

Activities: Football (1-4), Ski Team 
(1-4), Baseball (1-4) 



Seniors 35 

Christopher Thomas Walsh 

Leigh Anne Waterhouse 

Elizabeth Anne Wendt 
Activities: Field Hockey (1), National 
Honor Society (2-4), Spanish Honor 
Society (3M), Peer Leader (1-4), 
International Club (1-4) 

Bonnie Jean Williams 

"Frog Princess, Bon Bon" 

Activities: Marching Band (1-4) 

Concert Band (1-4) 

Derek Brandan Winslow 

Robert James Winters 

Christopher G. Wolfenden 


Activities: Band (2-4), Dirty 

Hands Inc. (3,4) 

Richard James Zangrli 

Liofina Elizabeth Zapata 

Lori Patricia Zimmermann 

Ambition: To strive, to seek, to find, 
and perhaps someday to take on 


Activities: National Honor Society, 

Lyceum, The Musical 

Kirby Leslie Foote 

Rebecca Lee Trudel 

36 S€ 


Claire Marie Krupica 

Mau, 9, 1983 - Nooemlim If, 1999 

I Photographs and Memories 

Photographs and memories 
All the love you gave to me 
Somehow it just can't be true 
That's all I have left of you. 


Claire Marie Krupica 37 

Senior Prom 

7i- ^.^m 

H^k rti Y 

~ p***l 

; ;; 

/jP*'. v Bj 

v ^ 

l'*; f <^H 

1 i 

III i ■ 

May 11, 2001 




Junior Prom 2000 






^^J K 








^ . 


■Ml* A 

*•"* • 


:A I 1 



Katelyn LaFlamme 

Meghan L. McLeod 

Raymond Leonel Moschetto 

Shaun G. Stetson 

Andrea Lynn Agboola 
Evelyn Aguasvivas 


Eliezer L. Ruiz 
Patrice Marie Sanders 

Jose G. Aponte 

Agustin E. Cruz 

Jennifer Marie Liranzo 

Winston Nicolas Sandoval 

Shauna Marie Adrizzone 

Nicole Marie Dallon 

Caroline B. Lluberes 

Tara Marie Scarelli 

Lynne Kendra Arsenault 

Peter Dariphatana 

Stacie Lynne Lucchesi 

Josephine Marie Scarbaglieri 

Roni M. Ata 

Kevin A. DeRepentigny 

Melissa L. Mannke 

Frank Anthony Sergi 

Anthony J. Azzi 

Tara Elizabeth DeRoche 

Hansell Agustin Martinez 

Ashleigh Wescott Smith 

Jennifer Marie Bauchman 

Erin Marie Earley 

Molly Men 

Jeffrey Adam Smith 

Vanessa Bengochea 

Tiffany Marie Ekbatani 

Christina Maria Mendonca 

Paul J. St. Louis 

John Joseph Benoit 

Ashley Anne Ellenwood 

Kevin Raymond Messina 

Kenneth Eugene Tarara 

Christopher N. Boehme 

Edison Jose Fernandez 

Daniel M. Milone 

David Torres 

Michael David Bottai 

Natalie M. Munoz Fernandez 

Pamela Sue Montes 

Leandro Julio Troncoso 

Jessica M. Bourassa 

Nathaniel L. Fernandez 

Garrett Bruce Morrow 

Colleen Elizabeth Twomey 

Ross Daniel Brierley 

Miguel A. Flores, Jr. 

Nicole Elizabeth Nolin 

Dianel Karina Ubiera 

Matthew Joseph Broski 

Katherine Lee Frechette 

Milliani E. Oliver 

Elizabete Valadao 

Michael James Bucci 

Jessica Ann Ganley 

Hiram Bharat Patel 

Carlos Julio Valle 

Michael K. Buco 

Robert D. Goulet 

Jasmina Jagdish Patel 

Stacy Marie VanGordon 

Homero Burgos II 

Matthew W. Hay 

Luisa Pena 

Joanny Vasquez 

Noelia Mariel Cabrera 

Nissi Kaye Heeren 

Luis F. Perdomo 

Nieve Licelot Vasquez 

Sarah Calderone 

Noel Henriquez 

Nicholas Pham 

Paula Christina Vieira 

Sarah Melinda Calixto 

Amy L. Johnson 

Andreas J. Piepers 

Christopher William Wallace 

Erica Desiree Carter 

Calvin W. Kwong 

Matthew G. Ploude 

Kimberly Ann Ward 

Koa Celeste Caulton 

Oscar Antonio Lantigua 

Paul Ponte 

Barry Wilson 

Priscilla Jean Cepeda 

Richard John LaRochelle 

Ariel Portal 

George D. Zalaket 

Christopher D. Ciardello 

William Richard LaRochelle 

Bryan Paul Ratliff 

Erick G. Colon 

Thomas J. LaValley 

Roxana F. Rivadeneira 

Alexander Michael Crowell 

Rusty Aaron Lescarbeau 

Omar S. Robles 

M.H.S. 49 







Venus & Apollo 

Amy Roberts 
Steve Marquis 

Cassanova & Flirt 

Robert Winters 
Lauren Suarez 

Best Dressed 

Erick Colon 
Melanie Bushnell 


Kings & Queen (left) 

Mike Delaney 

Steve Habib (not available) 

Jessica Pina 

Apollo & King (right) 

Steve Marquis 
Steve Habib 


' *:}'4<.<fij* 


'Vt*^-"^^ t ^^ 


*^r - 






Class Clowns 

Stefanie Boudreau 
Joe Sevigny 

Best Smile 

Nathan Fernandez 
Erin Quinlan 

Cupid's Couple 

Paul Sullivan 
Leanne Gaccione 



Best Friends 

Katie Ferla 
Lindsay Mulcahey 

Best Friends 

Graeme Marcoux 
Mike Coco 


Most Likely to Succeed (left) 

Adam Ramey 
Kaitlin Gallo 

Most Athletic (right) 

Billy Forbes 
Amy Johnson 


Most Artistic (left) 

Nicole Ruizdeluzuriaga 
Matt Hay 

Class Actor & Actress (right) 

Derek Fraser 
Pam DeGregorio 


:itf I «*■ 

Mutt & Jeff 

Jeff Nicholson (left) 
Albert Soucy (absent) 

Amanda Dennis (right) 
Lisa Quigley (absent) 

Most Talkative 

Theresa Choquette 
Jimmy Pritts 

Teacher's Pet 

Ankit Patel 

Leigh-Ann Snow (absent) 

Most School Spirit 

Evan Chaisson 
Jaime Beaudin 


56 M.H.S. 

Field Hockey 


Betty Barry Trophy 

Tracy Tabacco 
Kathy Szostak Trophy 

The field hockey team had an excellent season this year finishing with a 13-3-1 record 
while also qualifying for the state tournament. This year's team was led by tri-captain 
Annie Sturgis, Laura Barbagallo, and Tracy Tabacco. An amazing defense commanded 
by goalie Nicky Pienta and outstanding backs Rebekah Eaton and Stefanie Boudreau 
helped propel the Lady Rangers to one of their best seasons. Seniors Melanie Bushnell 
and Tina Ibraheem provided additional strength in the forward line with help of junior 
Virginia Stacy and sophomore Kristen Belair while the three captains controlled the 
midfield. Merrimack Valley All-Conference honors were awarded to Laura Barbagallo, 
Annie Sturgis, and Nicky Pienta. Junior sweeper Blair MacDonald was also named 
Merrimack Valley All-Star for the second year in a row. Barbagallo and Pienta were 
named Eagle Tribune All-Stars as well. The team was guided by fourth year head coach 
Karen McLaughlin and assistant coach Joe Robillard. 

Blair MacDonald 
Most Valuable Players 

Nicole Pienta, Laura Barbagallo 
Coaches Award 

Anne Sturgis 

M.H.S. 57 


Varsity Awards 

Andrew Haldane Memorial 

Michael Delaney 
Outstanding Back 

Robert Winters 
Outstanding Lineman 

Brandon Geisler 
Raymond "Ziggy" Feugill Memorial 

John Benoit 
Clement Bonanno Award 

Michael Bucci 

58 M.H.S. 


j t 4 

i*Nh ^ 

^^ ^^^^r^ 


^ / 

^rf* K 




Fragala, Jeff Hamlett, Jeff Nicholson 
Season Record: 

:19 Lost: 5 Tied: 2 


Most Valuable Performer 

Dan Koerner 
Most Improved Performer 

Brian Riddle 
Coaches Award 

Eric MacDonald 

60 M.H.S. 

Swimming & Diving 

This was an exciting year for the M.H.S. Girls' Varsity Swim Team. With a surprising win 
over Notre Dame Academy by one point. At MVC's Kelsey Dodge took 1st place in the 
500 m. Freestyle and Erin Conlon took 1st place in the 100-m. Breast Stroke. The relay 
teams of Sarah Cowdrey, Ericka Crabtree, Kelsey Dodge, Erin Conlon, Tracy Gaudet and 
Kara Bean headed to sectionals along with the divers. 


Jane Cronin Memorial 

Kelsey Dodge 
Most Improved Performer 

Alicia Tardugno 
Coaches Award 

Erin Conlon 


Kara Bean, Erin Conlon, Sarah Cowdrey, Ericka Crabtree, 
Tracy Gaudet, & Kelly McGurren 

M.H.S. 61 

Mens Soccer 


Most Valuable Player 

Steve Habib 
Most Improved Player 

Graeme Marcoux 

Eddie Abbott 
Coaches Award 

Mike Coco 
Francisco Narganes Award 

Under the direction of Coach Beaudet, the Boys' Varsity Soccer Team finished in 2nd 
Place at the MVC Division II Championships. They also qualified for the state tournamer 
for the first time since 1985. 


Mike Coco, Jeff Costa, Peter Dariphatana, Steve Habib, Graeme Marcoux, Nick Ricci, Jaso| 
Vaccaro, & Derek Winslow 

62 M.H.S. 




ost Valuable Player 
Amy Johnson 
ost Improved Player 
Amanda Solomon 
oaches Award 
Julie-Anne Plouffe 
<risten Gallo 

4t *****, 

Womens Soccer 


Kaitlin Gallo, Amy Johnson, Julie-Anne Plouffe, Amanda Solomon & 

Lauren Suarez 

All Conference: 

Amy Johnson, Lauren Suarez 

All Stars: 

Kaitlin Gallo, Amanda Solomon, Julie-Anne Plouffe, Danielle Roberge 

& Anika Apar 

1st Team E-Mass All Star: 

Amy Johnson 



M.H.S. 63 

Mens Cross Country 


Erick Colon, Billy Forbes, Ankit Patel, Andy Piepers, & Craig Sullivan 

All Conference: 

Bill Forbes, Craig Sullivan, Erick Colon 

All Stars: 

Pat Shepherd, Steve Plouffe 


Gary Merril Memorial Award 

Steve Plouffe 
Most Valuable Performer 

Billy Forbes 
Most Improved Performer 

Craig Sullivan 
Coaches Award 

Erick Colon 
Pat Malloy Shepherd 

64 M.H.S. 

Womens Cross Countm 

\wards Senior: 

lost Valuable Performer Hilane Hauswirth 

Melissa Enos All Star: 

lost Improved Performer Hilane Hauswirth 

MVC Division II Champions 

Jen Stone 
loaches Award 

Lisa Castillo 

M.H.S. 65 

%. Womens Volleyball 


Most Valuable Player 

Tina Bohondoney 
Most Improved Player 


Tina Bohondoney, Diana DiZoglio, 

Natalie Fernandez, Jessica Pina 

All Stars: 

Kylee Katter, Tina Bohondoney 


Jessica Pina 

66 M.H.S 



M.H.S. 67 

Mens Basketball 


Bo DelDuca, Stephen Marquis, Jeff Nicholson, Tom Randall, Jeff Smith 
All Star Conference: 
Jeff Nicholson 
All Star: 

Ryan Middlemiss 


Most Valuable Player 

Jeffrey Nicholson 
Most Improved Player 

Stephen Marquis 
Coaches Award 

Robert DelDuca 
Bruce Blood Asst. Award 
Ryan Middlemiss 

68 M.H.S. 

Womens Basketball 


/lost Valuable Player 

Amy Johnson 

/lost Improved Player 

Christine lannalfo 
loaches Award 


Kaitlin Gallo, Amy Johnson, Jessica Pina, Julie-Anne Plouffe 
All Star Conference: 
Amy Johnson 
All Stars: 

Kaitlin Gallo, Julie-Anne Plouffe 

Julie-Anne Plouffe 
)iane Beaulieu Award 

Kaitlin Gallo 

M.H.S. 69 

W§v Mens Indoor T^ack 


Erick Colon, Pete Dariphatana, Mike Delaney, Billy Forbes, Bradon Geisler, 
Chad Grenier, Steve Habib, Karl Metzemaekers, Ankit Patel, Andreas Piepers, 
Craig Sullivan 
All Star Conference: 

Erick Colon, Billy Forbes, Mike Delaney, Kien Luong 
All Stars: 

Alex Roy, Craig Sullivan 
Most Valuable Performer 

Erick Colon, Michael Delaney 
Most Improved Performer 

Peter Dariphatana 
Coaches Award 

Karl Metzemaekers 
Whirlaway Award 
William Forbes 

70 M.H.S. 


/lost Valuable Performer 

Run - Tracy Tabacco 
Field - Tina Ibraheem 
dost Improved Performer 

Anne Sturgis 
loaches Award 

Lauren Suarez 
Vhirlawav Award 

Womens Indoor "Rack 

Melissa Enos 


Tina Ibraheem, Nora Karl, Amanda Solomon, Anne Sturgis, 
Lauren Suarez, Tracy Tabacco 
All Star Conference: 

Tina Ibraheem, Tracy Tabacco 

M.H.S. 71 

Womens Gymnastics 


Most Valuable Performer 

Kathryn Frechette 
Most Improved Performer 

Robyn Demerchant 
Coaches Award 

Jennifer Freeman 


72 M.H.S. 


ost Valuable Performer 

Michael Bucci 

Robert Winters 

ost Improved Performer 

John Benoit 

oaches Award 

Brandon Smith 

Jonathan Porter 

obert Fitzgerald Sr. Memorial Award 

Rusty Lescarbeau 



Michael Bucci, Robert Winters, John Benoit, Brandon Smith, 
Jonathan Porter, Rusty Lescarbeau 

Ice Hockey 


Ryan Fontaine, Kevin McCarthy, Matt Mueskes, Albert Soucy, Becky Trudel 

All Stars: 

Kevin McCarthy, James Girouard 


Horace Trovato Memorial Award 

Albert Soucy 
Most Improved Player 

James Girouard 
Coaches Award 

74 M.H.S. 


Most Valuable Performer 

Figure Skating 

Danielle Parisi 
Most Improved Performer 

Kelly Lyons 
Coaches Award 

Kristyn Hobbs 


Kristyn Hobbs, Jackie Croteau 

M.H.S. 75 


Most Valuable Performer 

Andrea Blackington 

Graeme Marcoux 
Most Improved Performer 

Jilian Sachs 

James Kiessling 
Coaches Award 

Lesli Rotondo 

John Jabour 

Varsity Skiing I 

Senior Men: 

Mike Coco, Matt Daigle, Derek Fraser, John Jabour, Graeme Marcoux, Mitchell 

Myers, Bryan Ratliff, Nick Ricci, Paul Sullivan, Jason Waldron 

Senior Women: 

Andrea Blackington, Kim Newton, Heather Norcross 

All Star Conference: 

Graeme Marcoux 

State Qualified: 

Andrea Blackington 

■ m \ 

^ f ^ * * " ' f 



A A Af 

' V 

'•; fiii%i 


h W A/1 

76 M.H.S. 




Nikki Baldera, Jamie Beaudin 

Top Cheerleader Award at Concord, NH: 

Nikki Baldera 

Undefeated Top Gun Stunt Champions: 

Jamie Beaudin, Jenny Silva, Jenna Hillard, Alexis Battle, Lisa Quinn 

n^ ^^ <&*Ji 

M.H.S. 77 


78 M.H.S. 

Mens Volleyball 


Brandon Blanchet, Jeffrey Costa, Josh Fay, Nathan Fernandez, 

Oscar Lantigua, Jeffrey Nicholson, Leandro Troncoso 

All Star Conference: 

Jeffrey Costa, Josh Fay, Jeff Nicholson 

All Star: 

Leandro Troncoso 


Boston Globe & Boston 
Herald All Scholastic 
Jeff Costa 

M.H.S. 79 

s'^'ti&'JC* Seniors: 

Bo DelDuca, Billy Forbes, Steven Habib, Jeff Hamlett, Steven Marquis 

All Star Conference: 

Bo DelDuca, Nathan Jeanes 
^ ^ All Stars: 

Billy Forbes, Bo DelDuca, Nathan Jeanes 


80 M.H.S. 



Stefanie Boudreau, Katie Ferla, Hilarie Hauswirth, Amy Johnson, 

Lindsay Mulcahey, Nicole Pienta, Amanda Solomon 

MVC All Conference: 

Lisa Castillo 

MVC All Stars: 

Amanda Solomon, Kristen Belair, Nicole Guselli 



M.H.S. 81 

Mens Track 


Homero Burgos, Erick Colon, Pete Dariphatana, Mike Delaney, Brandon Geisler, Chad Grenier, 
Karl Metzemaekers, Ankit Patel, Andreas Piepers, Craig Sullivan 
All Conference: 

Erick Colon, Kien Luong 

All Stars: 

Mike Delaney, Andy Duong, Chad Grenier, Kien Luong, Tim Osgood, Alex Roy 

Class A Champion 

Erick Colon 

82 M.H.S. 


Womens Ttack 


Diana DiZoglio, Kaitlin Gallo, Tina Ibraheem, Julie-Anne Plouffe, Lauren Suarez, Tracy Tabacco 
All Conference: 

Tina Ibraheem, Tracy Tabacco 

M.H.S. 83 



Jason Chan, Kevin Eng, Adam Ramey 

All Star: 

Jason Chan 

Sorry No Pictures Available 

84 M.H.S. 



Min Kim, Meghan McLeod, Suong Nguyen, Erin Quinlan 

All Stars: 

Suong Nguyen, Tram Nguyen 

Athlete of the Month "May": 

Suong Nguyen 


.H.S. 85 

Junior Prom 2000 

86 M.H.S. 

M.H.S. 87 


88 M.H.S. 

M.H.S. 89 


90 M.H.S 

Milli Vanilli 

M.H.S. 91 



Senior Pla 


- 1 ■ . 






',.. • 


92 M.H.S. 

"One Tbuch of Venus" 

.H.S. 93 


Spain, Italy and 

94 M.H.S 

.H.S. 95 


Military Ball 

96 M.H.S. 

Senior Prom 2001 

Senior Night - Red Sox Game 

» 2001 • 

May 8 



Tuesday May 8 , 2001 

D T __ [J 7 1 4OS7045 17 

D L UJ Mar 1(5 2001 


6A0106 sty 

SXK-LUZ7-2 40570f<; 720 


98 M.H.S. 

Six Flags - New England 

M.H.S. 99 

Marching Band 


• *\ 

Vf \ I 



100 M.H.S. 

M.H.S. 101 

Pep Band, Jazz Band, Dirty Hands 
Inc., Wind Ensemble, & Color Guarc 


102 M.H.S. 

Class Officers 

Class Officers 

Class Officers 

Class Officers 

M.H.S. 103 




National Honor Society & Officers 

104 M.H.S. 





Educators of 


I.H.S. 105 


Drama Club 

Concert Choir 

Gay / Straight 


106 M.H.S. 

Blue & White 




M.H.S. 107 


Memory is the golden bridge 

108 M.H.S 

that heeps our hearts in touch 

M.H.S. 109 

with all the long-past yesterday. 

110 M.H.S 

and things tee loved so much! 

M.H.S. 111 

indeed it is the bridge of gold 

112 M.H.S 

that binds the past sublime 

M.H.S. 113 

trith happiest recollections 

114 M.H.S. 

that join the hands oi time!" 



f A^ t 

M.H.S. 115 

Mitchell John Myers 

We were proud of you, the moment you were born, 

and always will be! 

We couldn't be more proud of you, from the little things to the big accom- 
plishments. Swimming at two months old; everybody couldn't believe it! 
Especially your grandparents, who love you very much. Remember your first 
day of school? It doesn't seem so long ago. How proud we all were at your 
First Communion and Confirmation. I remember Dad's face, when you scored 
your first goal, he couldn't have cheered any louder and me with tears in my 
eyes. At twelve, you received your scuba license, the youngest in your class. 
Now, our boy is graduating from high school. It goes to show that when you 
put your mind to it, YOU can accomplish ANYTHING! 

W e've shared so many experiences together. Remember the camping experience 
with the mice? Parasailing with the jellyfish. All the movies we saw during school 
vacation; skiing with Dad, and seeing your sister being born, to mention just a few. 
This is only the beginning; we will share a lot more exciting times together. 

JTvemember my favorite sayings: 
"Home is the place where character is 
built, where sacrifices to contribute to 
the happiness of others are made, and 
where love has taken up it's abode." 
- Elijah Kellogg 

"One cannot collect all the beautiful 
shells on the beach, one can collect only 
a few, and they are more beautiful if they 
are few." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh 

Years from now it will not matter how 
much money you have or what kind of 
house you lived in, but how much time 
you spent with your family. 

Remember God gave you free will; 
choices to make; with prayer he will help 
you chose wisely. 

116 M.H.S. 

Y ou will never know how much we love you till you have a child of 
your own. Then you'll realize. Dad always brags to everyone that the 
world would really be overpopulated if everyone had a son like you, 
because you're such a good kid. Abbey loves you very much, even if at 
times it doesn't seem so. You're her "big brother" as she says it, "I love 
you Mitchell," Love Abbey. We wish you the best that life has to offer. 
Love, Mom, Dad & Abbey. 




Laurie Daneau 


You have amazed and 
inspired me every day of 
your life. 

Keep it up! (no pressure) 

Amy Lynn LaPointe 

May our 

Pig princess 

Soar to heights 

We've never reached. 


Mom & Dad 

Jennifer L. Jones 

Good Morning Jen, 
The trip through this chapter 
was definitely too quick. It 
seems like only yesterday it 
was off to school for the first 
day. You've given us a lot of 
wonderful memories to look 
back on. Words of expression 
don't come easy for me, but I 
couldn't let this day go by 
without wishing you 
'All the World has to offer !' 
Share it, enjoy it, and learn 
from it for those Days. And, 
you will have them When 
Life gives you Lemons ??? 

Dad & Kathy 

Michelle Higginbottom 

Dear Michelle, 

Thank you for that baby smell, 
endless hugs, sticky hands, 
laughing, tears, roller-skating, 
dandelions, paper chains in red and 
green, riding your bike, sand 
castles, angles in the snow, jingle 
bells, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth 
Fairy, and the guy in the big red 
suit, wishing on a star, apple 
picking, pumpkin carving, snow 
men, teaching me to be a better 
listener, and to color in the lines, 
how to be a good friend, and how it 
feels to love someone so much. I 
can't begin to tell you how proud of 
you I am. Congratulations on your 
latest success, graduating from 
high school. You have such a 
bright, I mean sun glasses bright, 

Reach for the stars. 

All our love, 
Mom, Sean, 
and the Gallaghers 

M.H.S. 117 

Kaitlin Gallo 


Congratulations! We are 
proud of you and everythi 
that you've accomplishe< 

Good luck and remembei 
always follow your heart. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Kristi a 



Kristyn Hobbs 

Dear Kristyn, 

Your smile endears you to 
all you meet. 

Good Luck and God bless 
you always. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Kevin 

Laura Barbagallo 

To our sweet "Luv" Laura, Al- 
ways keep your beautiful smile 
and contagious laugh! The past 
1 8 years have been an adven- 
ture - All your tomorrows are 
waiting for you. Greet them with 
enthusiasm and a sense of 
wonder. "Closing time - every 
new beginning comes from 
some other beginning's end." 

Leigh Waterhouse 

"Look to this Day 
Yesterday is already a dream, 
and tomorrow is only a vision, 
but today well lived makes 
every yesterday a dream of 
happiness and every tomorrow 
a vision of hope." unknown 

I am so proud of you. 



Daniel Pomerleau 


Congratulations on achie 
ing your goals! 

We are very proud of yoi| 


Dad, Mom & Steve 

Winston Sandoval 


Congratulations on graduating this year. 

We wish you all the Luck in the World. 


Mom, Dad, & George 

Jessica & her Parents 

Guadalupe Rodriguez 

You have been a gift! 
Oscar and I spent so much 
time playing with our first 
baby. I can't believe that our 
'baby' is 18 years old, and 
she did it. Congratulations, 
I'm so proud of you Lupe! 
You have a beautiful heart. 
"God bless you." 
Love, Mom, Dad, Fina, & 


Imgratulations Rebecca! 
lese 4 years have gone by 
h a flash! We've seen you 
fcw and mature. All the 
Ird work and late nights 
Ive been worth it. We 
Lid not be more proud of 
yu! We wish you all the 
1st of luck as you head off 
■college and the future. 
I? love you. 
mm, Dad, Jess, And Topaz 

Craig M. Carter 


You will always Be 
the little Boy in our 

Jffery G. Hamlett 






Tina Ibraheem 

Congratulations Tina! 
You made it! We're so proud 
of you, and we love you very 
much. Take this as the begin- 
ning of a new chapter in your 
life. You have a lot to offer the 
world as a highly spirited, sin- 
cere, confident young lady 
with a good sense of humor 
and excellent memory. There- 
fore be a leader who can lead 
with confidence. Remember, 
whatever your mind can con- 
ceive, believe, and enthusias- 
tically act upon, you must 

We wish you all the best that 
life has to offer. 
With Love, 
Dad and Mom 

Cheri L. Souris 

Dear Cheri, 


You have completed one of 

the hardest Chapters of your 

life. Now you have the world 

in your hands to do with it 

what you like. It may seem 

overwhelming but we know 

you can handle it. You're a 

strong person, Cheri, and 

your father and I are there to 

support you in whatever you 

decide to do. We are so proud 

of you. We know how hard 

your worked to get where you 

are. You are a great role model for your brother and 

We just want you to know how special you are. I hope }l 

know how much we all love you. 

With Love, 

Mom, Dad 

Alycia, Thomas, Jillian, Grammy 

Auntys and Uncles 

John Jabour 

Reach for your Goals and Dreams - 
Stay focused on your goal you're pursuing, no matter How 
rugged the climb. We're certain you'll get there by trying 
your best, take one day at a time. "Forever" is hard to 
imagine. "The Future" may seem far away - but every new 
dawn brings a chance to do what we can do best on that 
day. As you reach for the goals you would like to achieve, 
may you find all the strength you will need - to meet every 
challenge, one step at a time till the day when you proudly 


We are very proud of our 

special Son. 


Mom & Dad 

Derek N. Fraser 

Dear Derek, 

Even as a young toddler, ) 
have always been a comp; 
sionate person. You earn 
passion for others so strc! 
and sincere. We believe J 
will only improve our wcj 
once you go out into it. 
Always believe in your inij 
strength, intelligence, and. 

We love and support you a( 
all you are hoping for in y<{ 


Mom & Da 

p\\ Senator, You made it! 
Ifu've always filled our 
harts with love and our 
finds with dreams. Don't 
Iw down. The world is out 
[hre waiting for you. 
Lid, Mom, Tania, Lara, & 

Joey Pulvirenti 

We are so very proud of you. 

Love Forever, 
Mum & Dad 

Mitchell Myers 


From our hearts to yours, we 

are extremely fortunate to 

see you grow up before our 

iss.The opportunity to watch you become a young man 

ier the years is a significant part of our lives. You are a 

"jat kid and your kindness shows through in your ac- 

Irns. Pepere and Memere admire the way you stand up 

K what you believe in and never follow the crowd. Re- 

tamber all the precious times we spent together? From 

pby-sitting you, going on vacations together and selling 

Mur inventions; such as the burglar alarms, skunk traps, 

ft. Mitchell, we are so blessed to have you as our grand- 

fn and as our Godchild. To us, this is one of many gifts 

S) will treasure in our hearts forever, 
_ve Mim & Pip 

Rebecca Santiago 


We love you, and wish you 
the Best of Luck in starting 
a new life after High 

From your family, 

Hector, Elia, Erica, & Lily 

Christopher Wolfenden 

Dear Chris, 

We've watched you grow into 
a fine young man and we're 
very proud of who you are. 
We're so happy you've let us 
share your high school years 
with you. It's been great! We 
hope to continue to do great 
things and enjoy life. Hopefully 
we'll be there to share it. 
Good luck and God bless. 
Love, Mom & Dad 

April Donlon 

To my dearest daughter, 

Thank you so much for all 
the love and joy you've given 
me. May all your dreams 
come true as you go forward 
into the next chapter of your 





Stacie Fouquart 


Watching you grow has 
been a great joy in our 
lives. Your sense of humor 
and cheerful smiles. Your 
compassion for others, and 
sincerity of heart, your 
fearlessness of standing 
strong in your beliefs - yet 
still listening and knowing 
when to bend, to see an- 
other's view. Your strong 
commitment of completing 
what you start, both with 
family and school. We truly 
admire your dedication to 
building a future for your- 
self, and giving it your best. 
We could not ask for more. 
Follow your heart, and you 
will discover your reason 
for being. 
Love always, 
Mom and Dad, "2001" 

Kimberly Newton 

Nicole Desrochers 

To Nikki 

Our "miracle" baby. 
Having you for a daughter 
has been one of God's great- 
est gifts to us. We love you 
so very much. Through the 
years you have given us so 
many reasons to be proud of 
you - now it's your turn to reap 
the benefits of all your hard 

Love Always 
Ma & Dad 

And suddenly the world became a wonderful place 
the day you were born 



You are a wonderful daughter and sister and we are all a 
proud of you. We know you will enjoy the excitement a 
challenges of the years ahead. Be Happy! 


Mom, Dad, Tom and Sam 

Lauren Suarez 


We are very proud of your 
accomplishments at 
Methuen High School - 
both academic and athletic 
endeavors. Good Luck to 
you as you begin a new 
step in your life - Endicott 
College as a nursing ma- 
jor. Your opportunities will 
be boundless. 

Good luck with your Col- 
lege Soccer Career - No 


Mom & Dad & Kevin 

Kenneth Tarara 


Vou have reached such an important step in life's journey. It has 

Deen almost 18 years since you entered my life and what a 

ewarding time it has been. (Your namesake would have been 

oroud of you!) The path I laid out for you is quickly coming to an 

and, the future is yours for the making. As you now get ready to 

set out on YOUR journey of choice, know that no matter what 

'oad you travel, I will always support you and love you. You are a 

wonderful, outgoing young man with a lot to offer the world. Thank 

/ou for making me smile! I am very proud to say you are my 


_ove always and forever, 



In the last eleven years I have watched you grow from a small 

boy into a fine young man that your mother and I are very proud 

of. I am grateful to have been allowed by you to be a part of your 

life. I wish you nothing but the best in life. 


Stephen (Step-father) 


Itjives me a great pleasure to share in your big day, 
ad also to be able to have attended your concerts 
03r the last 4 years. I am very proud to say you are 
w grandson. The best of everything to you in 
watever you endeavor. 


Gandma Konkler 


Heather Casey 

To my daughter Heather: 

I have watched in amazement: 

At the little girl you were 
To the woman you've become. 

A little girl who always depended on me 
To a woman who has become of her own independence. 

A little girl who always needed my assurance 
To a woman who is so self-assured. 

A little girl who took small steps to achieve her goals 
To a woman who is taking strides to accomplish her path 
in life. 

A little girl who had my love 
To a woman who still has and always will have my love. 

I am so very proud of you and watched in amazement 

At the little girl you were 
To the woman you've become. 

I Love You, 


Hit #22 

We Love you! 

Dad, Mom, Sid, & 

Julie Anne Plouffe 



Congratulations on even 
thing you have accoi 
plished so far in yo 
young life, and may tl 
next stage be . 

Good luck in the yea! 
ahead and know yo 
family will always be he 
for you. 
We are very proud of yc 


Mom, Dad, & Stephen 


Congratulations Class of 2001 ! 





Class of 2001 



Methuen, Massachusetts 


Mitchell, (My Dude) 

I have always considered you a part of my life, from the 
day you were born. I've watched you from a distance taking 
each step of your life to manhood, and now it is time to 
congratulate you on your next step (Graduating High 
School). Words cannot describe how proud I am of you. 
The direction of the next step will have a bunch of different 
avenues and as always I will be there for you, WHAT EVER 
IT MAY BE. Keep up the positive attitude and remember 
I'll be watching. 

Love Keith, Tanya Bonneau &Kids 

William Forbes 

Billy (Forbe), 

Your family could not be prouder of all your 
accomplishments. We hope all of your 
successes in the High School will only be the 
start of the great things that you can 
accomplish with the rest of your life. 


Mom, Dad, Maria, Suzi, & Chris 

Fully Insured & Licensed - Lie. # CS065339 - HI #127208 

'Best cfc Anck /PlUcheU/ 

Craig J. Bonneau 


"Custom Building & Remodeling" 
"No Job Too Big or Too Small" 

Tel. & Fax: (603) 894-1929 


Home of Orchard Made Products 



65 Pleasant Valley St. 
Methuen, MA 01844 

The Fitzgerald Family 











9:00AM - 9:00PM 

10:00AM - 5:00PM 





Congratulations ! 

It is with much pride that we congratulate you, who are the 
future of our community. Your diploma can be the start of 
a great beginning, a key to open the door of a successful 
life in whatever field you may choose. May you continue to 
enjoy success in all that you strive for. 

A PuUtzer Prize Winning Newspaper 

The Eagle-Tribune Publishing Company 

Derry News Andover Townsman Haverhill Gazette 
Eagle Offset Andover Content Group 


To the class of 2001 , 

hope everyone enjoyed this year's yearbook. 
Ms. Depelteau and I spent many hours working to put 
together a yearbook that would be filled with happy an< 
everlasting memories. I'd like to recognize and thank 
the people that helped out in this process. 

Debbie Arnold, Laurie Daneau, John Jabour, I 
Amanda Lombari, Leigh-Ann Snow, and Esther So 

I would also like to say "thank you" to everyone who let 

us use their pictures for the yearbook. 

I hope everyone has a long happy and successful life. 


Meghan Nikonchuk 
Editor-in Chief 


>» 2000-2001 

NEWS I > > > 



NEWS >» 

P'omb98 i8.| lg 

Kb95 FL i|g"! 

super B\3 3 

Q The Millennium Bridge, a 
footbridge across the River Thames 
connecting London's St. Paul 
Cathedral with the Tate Modern Art 
Gallery, opens in June. It is the first 
bridge to be built over the Thames 
in 100 years. 

Q Gas prices soar across Europe. Heavy taxation policies in France and 
England cause massive protests and transportation blockades. Both 
governments eventually promise relief. 

Q Former KGB agent Vladimir Putin 
is sworn into office as Russia's new 
president in May 2000, succeeding 
long-time leader Boris Yeltsin. 
Despite fears of an authoritarian 
style, Putin's public approval ratings 
remain high. 




A Floods in Southeast Asia are 
caused by days of pounding rain. 
Millions are forced to leave their 
homes and more than a thousand 
people die in the region's worst 
flooding in decades. 

A President Clinton travels to 
Southeast Asia in November to help 
mend relations between the United 
States and Vietnam. He is the first 
U.S. president to visit Vietnam since 
the end of the war in 1975. 

A A cable car carrying skiers 
and snowboarders in Austria 
catches fire inside a tunnel, 
killing more than 150 people 
on board. It is the worst Alpine 
disaster in the country's history. 



H Australian 
street artists 
called "Strange 
Fruit" perform 
feats around 
the world. The 
performers float 
above the audience 
on 15-foot 
fiberglass poles. 

President Clinton makes a last- 
ditch effort to broker a Middle East 
peace deal before his term ends 
in January 2001 by drafting a plan for 
leaders of both Israel and Palestine 
to review. Israeli Prime Minister 
Ehud Barak and Palestinian Yasser 
Arafat agree to review Clinton's 
proposal, but no deal is signed 
before month's end. 

A Singapore Airlines jumbo jet 
crashes during takeoff in Taiwan, 
killing 81 of the 179 people on board. 
In a blinding rainstorm the pilot uses 
the wrong runway and collides with 
construction equipment. 

A Yugoslav President Slobodan 
Milosevic is ousted from office in 
October, ending 13 years of violent 
rule. Vojislav Kostunica becomes 
Yugoslavia's first democratically 
elected president. 

Q Canada mourns the death of former 
Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who 
served the country for nearly 16 years. 
Trudeau, who was 80, is remembered 
for his flamboyant style and his 
commitment to keeping Canada a 
single nation. 

■ I 

» 1 2000-2001 


Q In August, the Russian nuclear submarine 
Kursk sinks to the bottom of the Barents Sea 
after an unexplained explosion. All 118 crew 
members are killed. 



D Two hundred North and South 
Koreans separated from family 
members since the 1950-1953 
Korean war reunite in August. The 
four-day visits are a goodwill gesture 
by both countries' leaders, who met 
for the first time in June. 

AIDS reaches epidemic proportions 
in southern Africa. Leaders and 
citizens throughout the world 
conduct a massive educational 
campaign on World AIDS Day 
December 1 to teach people about 
the disease that is killing 6,000 
sub-Saharan Africans each day. 

Uganda is struck by an occurrence 
of the deadly Ebola virus that is 
linked to more than 100 deaths. 
The outbreak is traced to a Gulu 
woman who died in September 
and whose body infected other 
people during the ritual cleansing 
of the dead. 




A in January 2001, a 7.9 magnitude 
earthquake devastates Gujarat in 
western India. The huge quake 
causes an estimated $5.5 billion 
in damages and kills more than 
20,000 people. 

A in August, Somalia elects its first 
president in nine years. President 
Abdiqasim Salad Hassan promises 
to bring peace and economic 
recovery to the African nation. 

A Former Coca-Cola executive 
Vicente Fox, of the National 
Action Party, is elected president 
of Mexico in July, ending the 
Institutional Revolutionary Party's 
71 -year reign. 

A More than 150 world leaders meet 
at the U.N. Millennium Summit in 
September to discuss war, poverty, 
disease and other global problems. 
The meeting is the largest gathering 
of world leaders in history. 

Q The worst wave of Middle Eastern violence in years erupts between 
Israelis and Palestinians, leaving more than 350 dead. A visit by Israeli 
opposition leader Ariel Sharon to a Jerusalem holy site on September 28 
is claimed to have sparked the fighting. 

Q In July, an Air France Concorde supersonic jet catches fire and crashes 
outside Paris, killing 113 people. The crash is blamed on metal debris which 
punctured the tires and damaged the fuel tanks. 



NEWS >» 

Missoulian, Michael Gallacher/AP/Wide World Photos 

The U.S. Senate passes the 
Permanent Normal Trade Relations 
bill in September to open up trade 
between the United States and China. 
The bill is expected to increase U.S. 
exports by $13 billion annually. 

I Q In the worst forest fire season in 50 years, more than 20,000 firefighters 
battle blazes in the western United States. More than 80 major wildfires 
burn across 13 states, forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes. 

D Firestone initiates the largest tire 
recall in history after dozens of 
rollover accidents appear to be 
caused by faulty treads. At least 148 
deaths in the United States are linked 
to the defective tires, although other 
problems with sport utility vehicles 
also are under investigation. 

'- )* ' 

A Summer air travelers wait out 
some of the worst flight delays on 
record. Bad weather and heavy air 
traffic cause delays that reach a 
peak in June, when only 66% of 
the flights arrive on time. 

II fci* L «*os| 

A '""' 1 ^"1 ' ! 

C- . X j r ^-" /, 

A Illegal downloading and missing 
computer tapes threaten the security 
of the Los Alamos nuclear weapons 
lab in New Mexico. Several 
workers at the lab are penalized 
for mishandling nuclear secrets. 

A The Women's Museum: An 
Institute for the Future opens in 
September in Dallas. The museum 
profiles 3,000 remarkable 
American women and features 
more than 20 interactive exhibits. 


A Many brands of taco shells and 
com chips are pulled from store 
shelves and restaurants after a 
consumer group detects traces 
of genetically modified com not 
approved for human consumption. 


Q Convicted of 
monopoly practices 
in the software 
industry, Microsoft 
Corporation is 
ordered by a federal 
district judge in June 
to break into two 
separate companies. 
Company chairman 
Bill Gates files for 
an appeal. 

A wave of Internet startup 
companies, once the darlings 
of the online economy, file for 
bankruptcy after falling short 
of stockholders' earnings 
expectations. The NASDAQ stock 
exchange, where most dot-coms 
are traded, loses 39% of its value 
for the year. 

Millions of Californians go for hours 
without power in January 2001 as 
utility companies cut off electrical 
supply due to low reserves. The 
crisis, blamed on aging generating 
plants, deregulation, soaring 
wholesale prices and debt-ridden 
utilities, spurs other states to 
begin devising prevention plans. 

Q The Oklahoma City National 
Memorial is unveiled in April 2000. 
The memorial is built to honor the 168 
people who died in the 1995 bombing 
of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. 

» 2000-2001 


Amy Sancetla/AP.WIde World Photos 

Q On December 4, 2000, the U.S. presidency remains in 
limbo as both Florida and New Mexico officials recount 
ballots to determine who will win their state's electoral 
votes. New Mexico goes to Gore. Ultimately, Bush wins 
Florida which gives him a narrow victory. 



Q In the closest presidential election 
in more than 100 years, Republican 
George W. Bush of Texas beats 
Democrat Al Gore from Tennessee. 
The race isn't decided until 36 days 
after the popular election, when 
Florida's hotly contested \\ \\l. 
25 electoral votes are awarded to Bush 

On election night, several TV 
networks prematurely declare Al Gore 
the winner in Florida, only later to 
reverse themselves, twice. The 
fiasco confirms many Americans' 
distrust of polling and early "calling" 
of elections. 

In one of his first duties as President- 
elect, George W. Bush nominates 
Colin Powell to be Secretary of State. 
The four-star Army General becomes 
the first African-American in history 
to serve in this role. 

= Recount 




A Chads, dimpled chads and butterfly 
ballots become common terms 
during the election as Florida officials 
assess voter intent. The confusion 
generates national discussion for 
uniform methods of voting. 

A The U.S. Supreme Court casts 
the deciding vote in the nation's 
election. The court ends the Gore- 
Bush legal battles in Florida by 
stopping all recounting, an action 
that effectively gives Bush victory. 

A in a fiery and highly publicized 
political battle, Hillary Rodham 
Clinton beats Republican Rick Lazio 
decisively to become senator from 
New York. She is the first first lady 
to be elected to public office. 

A Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan 
is elected to the Senate days after he 
dies in a November plane crash. His 
widow, Jean Carnahan, agrees to 
serve as senator in his place. 

Q The Federal Trade Commission charges the film, recording and 
video-game industries with marketing violent and adult-rated materials to 
teens. The entertainment giants are requested to stop the practice or face 
legal intervention. 

Q In October, the USS Cole is bombed while refueling in Yemen. A number of 
terrorist groups are suspected of the blast that kills 17 sailors and injures 39. 






« m 

~i Walkie-talkies make 
a comeback as an 
economical alternative 
to cell phones. The new 
generation talkies come 
in wild styles and have 
a range of two or 
more miles. 


. \>\o' 


D In August, a mile-wide patch of open water is spotted at the North Pole, 
dramatizing concerns about global warming. 

D New photos of fiery streams of gas 
that can reach 300,000 miles high may 
explain why the sun's atmosphere is 
hotter than its surface. 


• • 


A In July, Stephen King shakes up 
the publishing world by releasing 
one of the first online books, The 
Plant. More than 150,000 copies 
are downloaded the first week at 
$1 per chapter. 

A in a Guatemalan jungle, 
archeologists uncover remains of an 
ancient Mayan palace. Bigger than 
two football fields, the palace is one 
of the largest ever discovered. 

A Internet appliances that provide 
surfing and e-mailing capabilities 
make their way to homes and schools. 
The devices offer less expensive 
Internet access to consumers without 
home computers. 

A in 2000, more than 200 animal 
species join the Iberian Lynx on the 
World Conservation Union's List of 
Threatened Species. Their addition 
brings the world total to 11,046 plants 
and animals having threatened status. 



B Personal Digital 
Assistants (PDAs) 
capable of calendar 
scheduling, note taking, 
e-mailing, phoning and 
Web browsing go 
mainstream in 2000. 
Competition among 
manufacturers heats 
jup with Microsoft, 
,BlackBerry, Palm and 
other brands vying 
i for shares of the teen 
and business markets. 

Paleontologists identify a new 
species of dinosaur from fossils 
found in northern Italy. The 
26 foot-long, meat-eating 
Saltriosaur is one of the world's 
oldest dinosaurs, dating back 200 
million years. 

Scientists are forced to rethink the 
traditional definitions of a star and 
planet when 18 massive planet-like 
bodies that don't revolve around 
a sun are discovered in the Sigma 
Orionis cluster. 

□ Final touches are made to the 
International Space Station for its 
first residents. American astronaut 
Bill Shepherd and two Russian 
cosmonauts live on the space station 
for four months starting in November. 

» 2000-2001 


D Wireless devices that send 
real-time personal messages 
between users become the latest 
communication craze. The "instant 
messages" can be typed, written or 
spoken, depending on the brand, 
and devices cost less than $100. 

Q In 2000, both Honda and Toyota launch gas-electric 
hybrid cars. Operated by a battery-powered electric motor 
and a gas-run engine, the hybrids get up to 70 miles per 
gallon on the highway and release minimal emissions. 



New Internet domain names are 
created to lessen the load on the 
old .com standard. The new names, 
slated for use in mid-2001, include 
.info for general use, .biz for 
businesses, .name for individuals 
and .pro for professionals. 

Scientists complete a rough "map" 
of the genetic code that makes 
a person human. The map will aid 
in the detection and prevention of 
cancer and other illnesses. 

1 1 

□ Amtrak introduces the nation's first high-speed train in 
November. The "Acela Express" travels up to 150 miles per 
hour and runs between Washington, D.C., New York and Boston 
with other routes planned for coming years. 





NEWS >» 

D New prepaid credit cards and 
online credit lines are the latest 
high-tech means for parents to 
control their teens' spending. 
Depending on the account, parents 
determine the spending limit or 
the online stores where the money 
can be spent and receive monthly 
statements of purchases made. 

Q A new Web site,, lets users design their own 
sneakers. Starting from scratch or selecting a prefab model, users 
can pick everything from the colors and styling to the fabric and 
personalized logo at a cost of $80 to $95 a pair. 

C MH-18, billed as the first national 
lifestyle magazine for guys 13 to 
18, hits newsstands in August. The 
Men's Health offshoot covers sports, 
fitness, school, relationships and 
issues teenage boys face growing up. 

Q The popularity of Apple 
Computer's translucent 
berry-colored iMac sparks 

wave of similarly colored 
jcell phones, CD players, 

[Cameras, irons and other 
household appliances. 

For the first time, females 
outnumber males in Internet use 
in the United States, representing 
50.4% of the online population 
in 2000. Teenage girls are the 
fastest growing user segment. 

Designer faceplates become a 
popular way to personalize 
cell phones. The decorative 
attachments come in a variety of 
designs and colors to match the 
user's mood or outfit. 

Q Wordstretch bracelets become 
a trendy accessory in Hollywood 
and around the nation. The 
multi-colored elastic bands come 
inscribed with "Call me," "Money is 
overrated," "Snap out of it" and 
other simple messages designed 
to spark conversation. 


>> 2000-2001 


David Young-Wolft/PtiotoEdit 

D Message T-shirts become fashion statements 
among teen girls. "Foxy Lady," "Princess" and "Monkey 
Around" are just a few of the tongue-in-cheek logos 
that appear on the popular shirts. 



Q High-tech, fold-up metal versions 
of the old scooter are one of the year's 
hottest modes of transportation but 
also a leading cause of injury. 


a. u _ im. »» m 

£ ■*. £ .£. S. 

JL ,~ J d- 


B . 



■ Blf — 'JL. J" 

"J. »«_,J5I 


Mll'-.l. U;,.k'!-»-T 


By the end of 2000, an estimated 
75% of U.S. universities offer 
courses online and more than 5.8 
million students have logged on. 

With the 2000 unemployment rate 
at a low of 4%, college students 
working as summer interns 
command wages up to $20 an 
hour, along with compensation 
packages, from high-tech and 
Internet companies. 


A Companies like Estee Lauder, A Stick-on crystals and gems 

Origins, Hermes and Blistex begin become popular fashion accessories 

to market products in portable for teen girls, accenting the face, 

single-use packets. Products include neck and shoulders, 
nail polish remover, scented wipes, 
hair conditioners and moisturizers. 

A Mail-order clothing pioneer 
Lands' End introduces "scan wear." 
The technology captures customers' 
body measurements, and allows 
users to virtually "try on" clothing 
when ordering via the Internet. 

A "Personal TVs" by TiVo and 
ReplayTV allow users to control 
live TV by pausing or rewinding 
and to record their favorite shows 
without having to set a VCR timer 
or purchase videotapes. 

D Teens involved in anti-smoking organizations such as The Truth and 
Target Market strike back at Big Tobacco for marketing to youth, by 
launching their own in-your-face advertising campaigns targeting cigarette 
makers. The print and broadcast ads are sponsored by funds won from 
tobacco suit settlements. 

Q Chrysler rolls out its 1930s retro car, the PT Cruiser, in spring 2000. 
The five-door "personal transportation" wagon is a hot seller, beating the 
popular Volkswagen New Beetle by two to one in the first month. It also 
wins Motor Trend magazine's 2001 Car of the Year. 








NEWS »> 

Q A new computer video game called 
"The Sims," which simulates the life of 
a suburban family, develops a fanatical 
following with teens. Players create the 
characters and guide them through 
building a house, furnishing it, finding 
a career and running a family in their 
pursuit of happiness. 

D The Millennium Force, the world's tallest and fastest roller 
coaster, opens in May 2000 at the Cedar Point amusement park 
in Sandusky, Ohio. The ride has a 300-foot drop and travels up 
to 92 miles per hour. 

Maxis/Eleclronic Arts 

D Jim Carrey stirs up trouble in the 
town of Whoville in an adaptation of 
the Dr. Seuss classic, How the Grinch 
Stole Christmas. The Grinch, which 
opens in November, is the highest 
grossing film of 2000. 

□ Tom Cruise reprises his role as 
Ethan Hunt in the action sequel 
Mission: Impossible 2. The May 
release is summer's biggest box-office 
draw and 2000's second-highest 
grossing film, earning more than 
$215 million. 


» 2000-2001 


Q Popular television series prompt the introduction 
of board game versions. "Survivor" and "Who Wants 
To Be a Millionaire" lead the list of new releases. 



Q NBC's White House drama "The 
West Wing," starring Martin Sheen, 
Allison Janney and Richard Schiff, 
sets a record for receiving the most 
Emmys in a single season with nine 
wins, including Outstanding Drama Series. 

In November, illusionist David 
Blaine is encased in ice for 62 
hours in New York's Times Square, 
assisted only with air and 
water tubes and a catheter. Blaine, 
who was seeking notoriety over 
national TV, survives the stunt but 
requires hospitalization. 

Russell Crowe becomes a 
household name with the release 
of Gladiator. The epic film wins 
a Golden Globe Award for Best 
Drama as well as an acting nod 
for Crowe. 


/ :ff '■> 

D The year's hottest TV show is CBS's 
"Survivor," in which 16 contestants 
compete for a million dollars by surviving 
on a tropical island for 39 days. More than 

51 million viewers tune in for the final episode. 

Based on its success, CBS launches a second 

"Survivor" series in January 2001 set in the 

Australian Outback. 


NEWS >» 

Q A new board game called "Hip- 
Hop Hall of Fame" capitalizes on 
the popularity of the music genre. 
Players make their way around 
an album-like board by answering 
questions about Hip-Hop performers, 
songs, culture and history. 

D In response to the growing interest in Latin music, CBS airs the 
"1st Annual Latin Grammy Awards" in September. The show is the first 
primetime network Spanish language telecast on American TV and draws 
7.5 million viewers. 

Hip-Hop remains one of the year's 
dominant sounds, with acts such as 
DMX, Jay-Z and Ludacris all making 
Billboard's Top 40 with new songs 
i and selling more than a million 
copies of their latest CDs. 

Alex Cao/AP/Wide V 

Q New brands 
and styles of 
portable MP3 
players inundate 
the market in 2000. 
The new-generation 
devices store and 
play digital music 
from the Internet 
and feature more 
playing time than 
their predecessors. 

Madonna scores a record-setting 
12th No. 1 single with the release 
of "Music." In December, she 
weds director Guy Ritchie in a 
Scottish castle. 

Irish artist Samantha Mumba 
makes the music charts in 2001 
with her hit song "Gotta Tell You." 
The 17-year-old joins fellow 
countrymen U2 and The Corrs 
on the American airwaves. 

D Creed, with lead singer Scott Stapp, 
proves to be one of 2000's hottest rock 
bands, with their singles "Higher" and 
"With Arms Wide Open" hitting the top 
5 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles list. 
The group wins American Music 
Association's Favorite Alternative Artist 
and Favorite Pop/Rock Album. 


>> 2000-2001 


Q Opening week sales records are shattered in 2000 with El AC II 
benchmarks set for the number of albums sold. Britney lUilin 
Spears' Oops... I Did it Again, Eminem's The Marshall Mathers 
LP, Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored 
Water an6 Backstreet Boys' Black & Blue all break the 
million-unit mark. 


Q Napster loses several court battles with the recording 
industry over copyright infringement. The popular online 
music sharing service, with over 60 million users, faces 
shut-down unless it can create a new business formula 
that satisfies the major recording labels. 

The Beatles begin 2001 atop the 
Billboard album chart with the 
album 1. The CD sells more 
than 5 million copies over the 
holiday season. 

Sisqo, a member of the R&B 
band Dru Hill, goes solo in 2000. 
The singer tops the singles chart 
with "Incomplete" and "Thong 
Song" and takes home awards 
from Billboard and the American 
Music Association. 

Chip Wass 


A MTV's "Total Request Live," 
which allows viewers to vote for 
their favorite music videos, 
continues to gain popularity. 
Host Carson Daly becomes one 
of the year's best-known faces. 

Ben Vanhouten/AP/Wide World Photos 

A Destiny's Child achieves three 
back-to-back No. 1 singles in 2000, 
making the band Billboard's Top 
Pop Artist of 2000. The group is 
nominated for five Grammys, four 
for the single "Say My Name." 

A Faith Hill and Tim McGraw perform 
to sellout crowds on their Soul 2 Soul 
tour. Hill and McGraw win the Country 
Music Association's Female and Male 
Vocalist of the Year, making them the 
first couple to win in the same year. 

A Pink is one of the year's top 
new artists. Her debut album, 
Can't Take Me Home, sells 2 
million copies, and two of her 
songs are Top 10 hits. 

Q Rock music dominates the music charts and award shows in 2000. 
Groups including matchbox twenty, Vertical Horizon and 3 Doors Down top 
both the rock and pop singles charts with their respective singles "Bent," 
"Everything You Want," and "Kryptonite." 


Q Baha Men's hit song "Who Let the Dogs Out" reaches anthem status 
at sports stadiums across the country. The song also wins a Grammy 
nomination for Best Dance Recording. 



I The New York Ya s defeat the New York 
fourB lithe first "Subway 

'Series" since 1956 le Yankees' third 

I straight World S< ;s win and their 26th overall. 

Q Ame in Marion Jones, 24, becomes tr 
win five track and field medals in a single Olympic Games 
at the I Summer Games in Sydney Jones wins the 100- 
and 2 r sprints and the 4x400 relay, and finishes 

third i h the 4x100 relay and long jump. 



4l r 1* 



O Tiger Woods, 24, wins three of golf's 

four major tou 

youngest player to win a career grand 

slam. Woods a 

record for a sii l^rthwinnings 

of more than $9 million. 

'm c ti 


■ v r J 

sS? ^^w : . 




A Bobby Labonte wins the 2000 
NASCAR Winston Cup, his first after 
eight years on the circuit. Labonte 
and his brother Terry, winner of two 
previous Winston Cups, are the first 
brothers to win titles. 

A The Houston Comets beat the 
New York Liberty to win the 2000 
WNBA championship. The win is 
Houston's fourth in a row, and 
star Cynthia Cooper is named the 
finals MVP. 

A in the 2001 Orange Bowl, the 
underdog Oklahoma Sooners defeat 
the Florida State Seminoles 13-2 to 
win the National Championship. It 
is Oklahoma's first title in 15 years. 

A Australian Karrie Webb is named 
the LPGA's Player of the Year for the 
second time in a row. Webb wins 
seven titles in 2000, including the 
U.S. Women's Open in July, and sets 
an earnings record of $1.8 million. 

Q Venus Williams dominates women's 
tennis. The 20-year-old has a 35-match 
ing streak, which includes the titles 
at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open as well 
as an Olympic gold medal. 



K-7 ; X 



With a win against the University 
of Dayton in September, Yale 
becomes the first college team 
to win 800 football games. 

In January 2001, after a three-year 
. hiatus, legendary Mario Lemieux 

returns to play for the Pittsburgh 
Penguins, the hockey team 
he now part-owns. Lemieux 
becomes the first owner/player 
in the history of the NHL. 



,m e 

Q Cyclist Lance Armstrong wins his 
second consecutive Tour de France in 
July. Armstrong, a cancer survivor, also 
writes his autobiography It's Not About 
the Bike: My Journey Back to Life. 

1 1 



Q The Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA 
championship, the franchise's first in 12 years. 
The Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers in game six of 
| the finals. Center Shaquille O'Neal is named MVP. 



Q In June, the New Jersey 
Devils win their second Stanley 
Cup in six seasons by defeating 
defending champion Dallas Stars 
four games to two in the finals. 
Scott Stevens wins the Conn 
Smythe Trophy for postseason MVP. 

The racing world is stunned when 
NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr., 
a seven-time Winston Cup champion, 
is killed on the last lap of the 
Daytona 500 in February 2001. 
NASCAR does not retire numbers, 
but car owner Richard Childress 
said he will never again race 
Earnhardt's black No. 3 car. 

Xtreme Football debuts in February 
2001. The game combines 
conventional football rules with 
some of the mayhem of professional 
wrestling. Eight teams play in the 
league's first season. 

Kevork Djansezian/AP/Wide World Photos 

A Laura Wilkinson overcomes 
three broken toes to win the 
women's 10-meter platform diving 
competition. Wilkinson is the first 
American woman to earn the gold 
in this Olympic event since 1964. 


A in a huge upset, American 
Greco-Roman wrestler Rulon 
Gardner defeats Russian legend 
Alexander Karelin for the gold in 
the super heavyweight class. The 
loss is Karelin's first in 13 years. 

A American swimmer Misty Hyman 
beats out heavily favored Susie 
O'Neill of Australia to win the 200- 
meter butterfly. Hyman's winning 
time of 2:05.88 is an Olympic record. 

A American runner Michael Johnson 
makes history by winning the 400- 
meter run for an unprecedented 
second time in a row at the Olympics. 
Alvin Harrison, also from the United 
States, wins the silver medal. 


Q The Baltimore Ravens beat the New York Giants 34-7 in Super Bowl 
XXXV for their first NFL title. Ray Lewis of Baltimore's highly touted defense 
is named MVP of the game. 

Q Cathy Freeman carries the Olympic torch at the opening ceremonies 
of the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. Freeman goes on to win the 400- 
meter dash, becoming the first Aboriginal Australian to earn an individual 
Olympic gold medal. 

n¥ —— '^K AW ' hki — ■ 

A | gd 

* • J- it 


k ''Jk% * 

■. k_W«^ & A 

» U\¥ 

. 3k\ . 



I Q Paula Prince of Port Richey, 
§ Florida, wins the sixth annual Ugly 
Couch Contest, sponsored by a 
slipcover manufacturer, with her 
vintage 70s entry. Prince and two 
other contest finalists appear on 
ABC's "Live! With Regis" in October. 

D Comedian Dennis Miller debuts as co-announcer on ABC's 
"Monday Night Football." Miller's offbeat humor gets a mixed 
reaction from fans, and the series earns some of the lowest 
ratings in its 31 -year history. 

www suretit com/1 -888-suretit 

D Fred Rogers, host of the children's 
PBS show "Mister Rogers' 
Neighborhood," announces he will tie 
his tennis shoes for the last time, 
when his final new episode airs in 
August 2001 . Rogers will continue to 
work on Web sites, books and special 
museum projects. 


ni il a 



»- > 


A To observe society and learn 
about himself, New Jersey native 
Brett Banfe, 18, takes a one-year 
vow of silence. He communicates 
by e-mail, facial expressions and 
business cards. 

A Runner Maria Runyan, who is 
legally blind, becomes the first U.S. 
Paralympian to compete in the 
Olympics. Runyan places 8th in the 
1,500-meter run at the 2000 Summer 
Games in Sydney, Australia. 

A England celebrates the 100th 
birthday of the Queen Mum, mother 
of Queen Elizabeth, in August. The 
beloved Mum becomes the oldest 
living royal in the history of the 
British Monarchy. 

A in October, Slovenian climber 
Oavo Karnicar becomes the first 
person to ski down Mount Everest. 
Karnicar's two-mile descent down 
the world's highest mountain 
takes five hours. 

Q In honor of the late 
cartoonist Charles M. 
Schulz, 101 fiberglass 
Snoopy statues — each in 
a theme wardrobe — are 
displayed in Schulz's hometown 
of St. Paul. Several are 
auctioned off in October 
to raise money for 
aspiring cartoonists. 



Video gamer Josh Griffith, 17, 
starts a business filling in for 
other gamers involved in an 
online roleplaying game called 
"Asheron's Call." Players are 
required to put in hours of 
game time to keep their online 
characters powerful. Busy 
executives pay Griffith up to 
$40 an hour to play for them. 

After a record 3,545 wins and 
$81 million in earnings during 
her 19-year career, jockey Julie 
Krone becomes the first woman 
inducted into the National Racing 
Hall of Fame. 

M Controversial Indiana University 
basketball coach Bob Knight is fired in 
September after allegedly violating a 
University-imposed code of conduct. 
During his 29 years at Indiana, Knight 
was often criticized for temper 
outbursts. His dismissal provokes 
student protest demonstrations. 

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